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River cruise to soothe your soul on the Abukuma River

The Abukuma River, the second largest river in Tohoku, was once a key transportation route between Edo and Tohoku. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent seasonal scenery and cuisine as they cruise down the river on a yakatabune, a boat that takes them on a leisurely cruise past scenic spots and oddly-shaped rocks that have been etched with history for centuries. Take a break from your busy life and enjoy a peaceful time on the Abukuma River. Enjoy a peaceful time on the Abukuma River.

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Marumorimachi and the Cat God

When sericulture was flourishing, "cats," which exterminate rats, the great enemy of sericulture, were valued and enshrined as "cat gods. The distribution of cat deities across the country shows that most of them are found in sericultural areas such as Tohoku and Nagano prefectures, with a large number of them enshrined in Miyagi Prefecture and even in Marumorimachi. It is not known why there are so many in Marumorimachi. Many stone monuments have been found with cat shapes carved in relief, stone statues, and letters carved into them. Seventy-three stone monuments and seven stone statues have been identified, and the number continues to grow. Nekogami-sama can be seen throughout the town.

Marumori Dining and Marumori Exclusive Souvenirs

阿武隈ライン舟下り 売店

The Marumori Shokudo Restaurant, located in the tourist center, is popular for its famous shiitake mushroom ramen and miso ramen made with Marumori miso. At the store, the "Kazunori ikeda" Marumori limited edition package, sake, and pickled plums produced in Marumori, which can only be purchased here, are popular.